Product Development

From the First Draft to Release

Our experts in the Innovations & Products division have comprehensive technological expertise in complex product developments, covering the entire process chain – from the initial idea to series production.

Thanks to this experience as well as our creativity and innovation, we develop a wide variety of products on behalf of and in cooperation with our customers – always in line with and adapted to the relevant situation and needs of our customers. 

Requirements Engineering

Consistent and Detailed

Every complex engineering project depends to a large extent on the quality of the requirements definition. This takes place in the first phase of the engineering design process. Our experts can offer you optimum support thanks to their experience in the concrete definition of requirements as well as documentation. In addition, we can ensure important quality features such as comprehensibility, traceability or adaptability.

The result is a complete, consistent and detailed requirements document that forms the basis for minimum project times, high project efficiency and predictable project completion.


Architecture & Design

Software & Hardware Architecture

This development phase serves to clarify the planned functional details of the product and its modules as well as the desired compatibility, re-usability and security. It therefore forms an important basis for the definition of all further development steps and the synchronization of all project activities, both for the software and the hardware. 


Implementation & Integration

Perfektes Zusammenspiel

Our team of specialists carries out software and hardware implementation in both classic and agile engineering projects.  

Our project managers ensure that internal and external development steps harmonize with each other and mesh optimally. With our support, the necessary tools and frameworks for the corresponding project step are made available and the relevant departments are fully informed and involved. Naturally, we also ensure that the internal reviews and tests are set up and carried out.  


Testing at all Levels

Impeccable and Reliable

All development and engineering activities are supported and accompanied by our test team. We perform the tests on several levels, depending on the product architecture, functionality and product setup. Important tests include unit tests (real time embedded or OS based continuous), software-software integration tests, software-hardware integration tests, module tests, module integration tests and system tests on various (customer-specific) tool chains, application lifecycle management servers and continuous integration platforms.


Production Implementation

Reliable and Effective

We have excellent contacts to national and international hardware manufacturers. This enables us to provide you with optimum support in manufacturing your end product in a reliable, high-quality as well as secure production and supply chain.  

We are always at your side offering you expertise when it comes to circuit tests during an early project phase, quality assurance within the supply chain, supporting quality management through manufacturer audits or ensuring production safety (FMEA). In so doing, our experts continuously focus on efficient project implementation – from early prototyping to pilot series and serial production.


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