Distinguishing Features

We develop products and solutions with our customers, for our customers. The main principles involve: Processes adapted to the customer in all phases of cooperation, quality as an indispensable success factor in all development and process phases, and a continuous exchange of knowledge with highly qualified experts from a wide range of disciplines. The result: Creative, state-of-the-art developments and products that give our customers a unique competitive edge. 

Quality as a Success Factor

Excellent Performance

Quality (QS/QM) is our top priority. Quality is an indispensable success factor in all development and process phases. After all, professional quality management pays off and leads to optimized processes, fewer errors, reduced costs and higher productivity.


Flexible Processes

Our Work Philosophy

We develop products and solutions on behalf of our customers. Our principle: Processes adapted to the customer in all phases of cooperation. Thanks to our expertise from working with a wide variety of industries, we have knowledge of different processes and methods, so that we are always in a position to adapt to the individual situation of our customers, be it according to the classic V-model or with agile processes.


The V-model is a procedural model that organizes the development process into different development phases. What begins as a functional specification is ultimately developed into a detailed technical specification. Implementation takes place at the very end. In addition to these phases, the V-model also defines quality assurance tests, which are carried out continuously in this way throughout the development process.

Agile Processes

In contrast to the classic V-model, agile development means that only some basic functionalities are specified at the start. Additional or modified requirements can be defined at any time during the ongoing development process. In this way, you can adapt to altered competitive situations or product requirements, for instance. The continuous exchange with the customer helps to clarify details quickly and to bring the project rapidly to its goal.

Competence Networking

Our Team Power

With the highest technological competence and team power, the experts in the Innovations & Products division work together with highly qualified experts via various networks and forums.

Continuous and lively exchange on the latest insights, experience and projects takes place with these dedicated specialists, who understand complex projects and bring specific expertise to the table. After all, knowledge is always state of the art, and online networking is an essential part of our working method and core principles.


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