Swarm Intelligent Network Toys

Networked Intelligence

Take yourself back to your childhood... Wouldn’t a group of networked robots have been really cool? You can certainly say so! As such toys hold a special fascination, the Innovations & Products division of OSB AG set itself a unique task. The starting point was formed by a central question: How can toy robots be equipped with swarm intelligence so that they replicate the natural processes of swarm intelligent beings (e.g. interacting with each other, learning from one another, reacting to each other)? First of all, the robots needed be equipped with the necessary technical basics:


  • Integrated loudspeakers for the reproduction of audio signals
  • Infrared transmitter and infrared receiver for spatial orientation and recognition of objects and other robots
  • 2 motors for fast movement in space
  • Bluetooth 5.0 MESH for networking the robots with each other and with the smartphone

Besides the basic technical equipment, the development of swarm intelligence is a complex engineering challenge that would result in high costs. The Innovations & Products division has developed an ultra-low-cost robotic system for this solution that meets both the requirements regarding functionality as well as the strict cost specifications.

At the heart of the solution is an innovative embedded system that fits on a small and inexpensive single chip. The now intelligent robots can also be controlled via a Bluetooth app and develop swarm intelligence despite the compact chip.

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  • Implementing smart, intelligent networking
  • Controllability via simple and intuitive operating systems
  • Small size of the toy requires a compact single chip solution
  • At the same time, the overall system must meet the highly competitive cost requirements of the toy industry


  • Single chip solution based on an ARM Cortex M0 with integrated Bluetooth MESH core
  • Swarm intelligence as embedded system
  • Networking between the robots via Bluetooth MESH 5.0
  • Bluetooth app on Android and iOS for controlling toy robots
  • Total costs of the robots in the lower single-digit $ range

Our development partners:

Silverlit Toys (Robotic Shell, Cooperation)


Dialog Semiconductor (Chip-Producer)