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Integrated Smart Grid Box

The pilot project "Integrated Smart Grid Box" for the Smart Home was developed in cooperation with OTH Regensburg (a technical university of applied sciences), the Swiss company smart-me AG and various regional energy suppliers.

The starting point for the project was the question as to how the ever increasing number of smart devices in a household can be networked and controlled centrally as a Smart Grid, and how the energy requirements of a household can be traced back to the behavior of its inhabitants by means of AI. While more and more devices in the household are becoming "smart" and can be controlled via an app, Bluetooth, etc., devices from different manufacturers generally cannot be networked with each other and thus lack communication. As a result, many opportunities for smart energy use in the household are lost.

This is precisely where the concept of the "Integrated Smart Grid Box" comes in: Using existing infrastructure (Internet connection, device sensors, apps and cloud computing), the box networks all smart devices to form a centrally managed Smart Grid.


Christian Seibert
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  • Networking of many different, previously autonomously managed devices
  • Evaluation of user behavior with regard to energy consumption
  • Visualization and mapping of energy consumption in relation to user and device behavior
  • Breakdown of household energy consumption for the energy supplier and the grid operator
  • Reduction of energy consumption and energy costs


  • Development of a cost-effective, compact "Integrated Smart Grid Box" as a central gateway for all consumer and feed-in information
  • Central management of all devices and the appropriate feed-in, i.e. information transparency between the energy supplier and the user
  • Prediction functionality for the coming hours and days to achieve foresighted energy supply
  • Control via app on a smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Simple installation without the need for a technician

Our development partners:

OTH Regensburg (Development Partner)


smart-me (Development Partner)


DFG (Project Promotion)