SEPICAA (Secure Pre Encoded Identification Conditional Access Algorithm)

User Identification via Speech Recognition

The human voice is the most reliable and easy-to-use biometric feature. For the first time, OSB AG is now offering end customers voice verification for diverse application areas.  With SEPICAA (Secure Pre Encoded Identification and Conditional Access Algorithm), OSB is launching a solution for unique speaker verification that works by voice recognition via telephone/microphone, thereby eliminating the need for PIN/TAN and passwords for online registrations. The biometric procedure can be used with immediate effect by service providers to render online banking or electronic shopping safer and more convenient.

The SEPICAA procedure is carried out on the basis of successful identification of a person (e.g. by means of a legitimation check or a video identity process, etc.). In addition to the identification already undertaken, a “vocalization” is now also carried out that clearly links the identified person to his/her own voice.  If, for example, this person then wishes to make an online transfer, the transaction can be successfully performed or rejected purely by means of voice verification (e.g. by speaking a number words).



Andreas Rottmair
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OSB foresees the following applications for SEPICAA:

•    Online payment / online banking/ payment transactions with 2-factor authentication (PSD 2 condition)
•    E-Commerce (one-click shopping)
•    Network / website login for 2-factor authentication
•    IoT (Internet of things): Observation-free and hands-free voice access
•    Call center support to avoid false identification
•    Vehicle driver identification in the automotive industry
•    Access control (smart home) instead of RSA tokens or plastic cards/badges (NFC)

For the customer, this means greater security than finger print, retina scan or face recognition methods. In addition, the speech recognition process offers added comfort, as it is much more convenient to use your own voice than the other methods named above (fact sheet in download area).


You have already read the SEPICAA Flyer and would like to have a whitepaper with further information like a comparison between the existing biometric application and SEPICAA, more detailed product information and more? Then use our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.