Automotive Bus & Control Systems Project

Innovative Measurement Technology

Innovations in measurement technology: With the development of the PSI5 Analyzer Box, the Innovations & Products division is setting new standards in the control, programming, functional analysis and monitoring of active automotive PSI5 bus components. The highly stable card design allows a multitude of industrial applications, such as measurements in crash tests, use under difficult environmental conditions, use in the laboratory or in production.  

A solution that combines high performance with unprecedented flexibility. In the development/laboratory version of the box, 6 buses can be simulated, measured, evaluated or programmed in parallel with a maximum of 24 connected PSI5 sensors. In the rack-mounted version, there are 60 buses with a maximum of 240 PSI5 sensors.


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  • Combining testing, functional analysis and programming tools in one device 
  • Compact solution that also reliably enables portable use
  • Maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications and tasks
  • Parallel application for measuring a wide variety of sensors
  • Easy to integrate and network


  • PSI5 box in three designs – as a stand-alone aluminum box, a PC version or a rack-mounted version
  • The stable design of the aluminum box is also perfectly suited for mobile use
  • Simple, high-performance output/connection via 100 Mbit ethernet
  • High-performance architecture in parallel networking design
  • Simple configuration options via control panel and direct access

Our development partners:

PSI5 Alliance (Community of Interests of the Automotive Industry)


Assdev GmbH (Manufacturer and Support)


The Business Unit Innovations & Products of OSB AG is a member of the PSI5 Associated Member.