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Swarm Intelligent Network Toys

Automotive Bus & Control Systems

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Innovations & Products

Do you need support with electronic product development processes? The Innovations & Products division at OSB AG  is there to assist you even with complex and interdisciplinary projects.

Our specialists have extensive technological expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, networked systems and complex sensors. Thanks to our diverse experience in a wide variety of industries, there are no limits to creativity. Creativity and innovation for our customers – that is our core competence.  
Perhaps we will soon be welcoming you as a new project partner and satisfied customer.

We look forward to it!

Automotive Bus and Control Systems

Innovations in measurement technology: With the development of the PSI5 Analyzer Box, the Innovations & Products division is setting new standards in the control, programming, functional analysis and monitoring of active automotive PSI5 bus components.


Smart Grid Box

Our box enables the central networking and control of smart household devices using existing provider and cloud infrastructures. 


Swarm Intelligent Networked Toys

Find out here how our team of experts mastered the challenges of the toy industry with very competitive cost targets using swarm intelligent toy robots that can be controlled via Bluetooth or an app.


Bluetooth 5.0 Module

The newly developed OSB DA14585 Bluetooth 5.0 module enables the use of new, improved Bluetooth low-energy functions.


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Creativity and Innovation

Our Core Competence

Future technologies are our strength! The Innovations & Products division sets standards when it comes to the in-house development of new, extraordinary products. We are committed to creativity and innovation when developing products – right from the initial idea through to the serial production model. In so doing, our interdisciplinary teams attach great importance to professionalism, expertise and customer understanding. With the help of experts from various specialist areas, we find solutions adapted to unique requirements. Our focus at all times is on a continuous exchange of information and close cooperation with our customers.


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Gemeinsam erfolgreich

Excellent, flexible engineering and IT services, planned and carried out by professionals for professionals: That is what OSB AG stands for. Our services and solutions are always tailored to the individual requirements of our customers, providing companies from various industries with a high level of flexibility and profound know-how.

Our success validates this approach: Since our founding in 2003, we have worked our way to the top of the industry– a development which we and our team are proud of.

Discover the services and driving forces which are appreciated by OSB AG customers and employees alike. 


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