Smart Sensors

Interaktive Vernetzung

Sensors are becoming increasingly intelligent and can almost be regarded as the "senses" of modern machines. Thus we speak of smart sensors whenever signal acquisition as well as signal processing and preparation take place in a single housing. The smart sensor processes, filters and selects the incoming stimuli.

The sensor technology evaluates not only the signals within a machine, such as filling level or wear, but also data from the environment, such as humidity or temperature. This "intelligent" sensor technology allows optimized control of the machine. The result: Higher efficiency, increased safety and better networking of the components with each other.   

The future outlook remains exciting and the amount of intelligent sensor technology in manufacturing companies will increase rapidly over the coming years. We in the Innovations & Products division at OSB AG recognized this trend early on and have already established broad expertise in this field.  Be a part of this and talk to us. We are looking forward to it! 

Competencies we draw upon:

  • Algorithms for the pre-processing of image and acoustic information
  • Technologies for loss-free information reduction
  • Technologies for the evaluation of indirect sensor data
  • Technologies for networking sensors
  • Predictive algorithms

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