Image and Voice Recognition

Natural Communication

Voice recognition, the technology that makes it possible to process spoken speech practically in real time, enables us to establish “natural” communication between human and machine. 

Even now it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without intelligent personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa, the voice-controlled Internet search and navigation systems, etc. However, developments are rapid. Soon there will be no need for keyboards or touchscreens, for instance.

We are experiencing a similar situation with image recognition, which allows us to read, identify and study concrete data from images. The resulting possibilities are endless. For example, the evaluation of X-ray images or MRIs using image recognition could soon become reality.

We, the experts in the Innovations & Products division, have extensive experience in the fields of voice and image recognition. Do you have similar tasks? We would be happy to support you with creativity and expertise. Talk to us. We look forward to it!

Competencies we draw upon:

  • Acoustics
  • Voice recognition algorithms
  • Deep learning applications for speech
  • Camera systems
  • Image interpretation software

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